The complete idiot´s guide to Learning Italian – Gabrielle Euvino – 2nd Edition



AutorGabrielle Euvino  |  Categoría: Idiomas  |  Formato: PDF  |  Idioma: Ingles-Italiano  |  ISBN: 0-02-864147-7  |  Editorial: ALPHA  |  Edición: 2nd  |  Año: 2001  |  Páginas: 481

Lest you think that this book is all play and no work, the entire books is based on a solid foundation that includes the basics in language instruction: grammar, usage, parts of speech (remember nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and articles?), verbs and all their many flavors of tenses, and pronunciations – and it has several types of exercises, and a review of the key principles. Interspersed throughout the material are sidebars – boxes highlighting definitions of terms, historical facts about Italy, and notes on idiomatic usage.

Part 1. The Basics.
Part 2. You´re Off and Running.
Part 3. Fun and Games.
Part 4. Getting Down to Business.


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