Statistical methods for quality improvement de Hitoshi Kume

Statistical methods for quality improvement de Hitoshi KumeIt gave me great pleasure to hear that AOTS is going to publish the timely Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement, edited by Prof. Hitoshi Kume.

People are now coming to Japan from every corner of the world to study company-wide and total quality control (CWQC and TQC). At the same time, Japan’s practices are being studied and implemented all over the globe.

The method of statistics is a tool that must be learned to adequately implement quality control.

One of the most important parts of the CWQC foundation in Japan is the statistical method. Everyone in the Japanese corporation, from the chairman of the board down to the worker on the line has to study statistical method, at least in its simpler forms. Even the beginner will find Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement easy to use and understand.

Most books on quality control statistics written here and overseas have been written by and for statisticians, explanations lying simply out of the grasp of the new student. The essays contained here are written not by statisticians, but by people directly involved in the forefront of CWQC training and supervision. The author’s particular perspectives allow them to more easily transmit their knowledge to the novice. In doing this, they use many actual examples of practical problems to aid in better understanding.

Every member of the Japanese corporation using simple statistical methods to analyze and control processes acts to improve quality, reduce costs and increase productivity. I hope that good use of this book will be made not only by present and past participants in AOTS activities but by persons in every country of the world to improve quality and produce products that are highly competitive in the international market.



Autor Hitoshi Kume.
Categoría Gerencia empresarial.
Idioma Inglés.
ISBN 4-906224-34-2 c0034.
Editorial 3A Corporation. The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS).
Edición 1ra.
Año 1985.

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