Remembering the Kanji Volumen 1 – James W. Heisig

The aim of this book is to provide the student of Japanese with a simple method remembering-the-kanji-volumen-1-james-w-heisigfor correlating the writing and the meaning of Japanese characters in such a way as to make them both easy to remember. It is intended not only for the begineer, but also for the more advanced student looking for some relief to the constant frustration of forgetting how to write the kanji and some way to systeematize what he or she already knows. By showing how to break down the complexities of the Japanese writing system into its basic elements and suggesting ways to reconstruct meanings from those elements, the method offers a new perspective from which to learn the kanji.



Primitive Elements.

Kanji Arranged in Order of Strokes.

Key Words and Primitive Meanings,

Autor: James W. Heisig  |  Categoría: Idiomas  |  Formato: PDF  |  Idioma: Inglés, Japonés  |  ISBN: 4-88996-075-9  |  Editorial: Japan publications tradin CO., LTD  |  Edición: 4ta  |  Año: 2001  |  Páginas: 522

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