Personal Finance for dummies – Eric Tyson – 6th Edition



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You selected wisely in picking up a copy of Personal Finance For Dummies, 6th Edition! Nearly 2 million copies of prior editions of this book are in print, and as you can see from the quotes in the front of this edition, readers and reviewers alike were pleased with those editions. This book was also previously awarded the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for best book of the year in business.



Part I: Assessing Your Fitness and Setting Goals.

Chapter 1: Improving Your Financial Literacy.
Chapter 2: Measuring Your Financial Health.
Chapter 3: Determining Where Your Money Goes.
Chapter 4: Establishing and Achieving Goals.

Part II: Saving More, Spending Less.

Chapter 5: Dealing with Debt.
Chapter 6: Reducing Your Spending.
Chapter 7: Trimming Your Taxes.

Part III: Building Wealth with Wise Investing.

Chapter 8: Considering Important Investment Concepts.
Chapter 9: Understanding Your Investment Choices.
Chapter 10: Investing in Funds.
Chapter 11: Investing in Retirement Accounts.
Chapter 12: Investing in Taxable Accounts.
Chapter 13: Investing for Educational Expenses.
Chapter 14: Investing in Real Estate: Your Home and Beyond.

Part IV: Insurance: Protecting What You Have.

Chapter 15: Insurance: Getting What You Need at the Best Price.
Chapter 16: Insurance on You: Life, Disability, and Health.
Chapter 17: Covering Your Assets.

Part V: Where to Go for More Help.

Chapter 18: Working with Financial Planners.
Chapter 19: Using a Computer to Manage Your Money.
Chapter 20: On Air and in Print.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 21: Survival Guide for Ten Life Changes.
Chapter 22: Ten Tactics to Thwart Identity Theft and Fraud.


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