Calculus and Analytic Geometry – George B. Thomas Jr., Ross L. Finney – 9th Edition



AutoresGeorge B. Thomas Jr., Ross L. Finney  |  Categoría: Cálculo, Geometría  |  Formato: PDF  |  Idioma: Inglés  |  ISBN: 0-201-40015-4  |  Editorial: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company  |  Edición: 9th  |  Año: 1996  |  Páginas: 1281

George Thomas’ clear, precise calculus text with superior applications defined the modern-day, three-semester or four-quarter calculus course. The ninth edition of this proven text has been carefully revised to give students the solid base of material they will need to succeed in math, science, and engineering programs. This edition includes recent innovations in teaching and learning that involve technology, projects, and group work.


Chapter 1 – Limits and Continuity.
Chapter 2 – Derivatives.
Chapter 3 – Applications of Derivatives.
Chapter 4 – Integration.
Chapter 5 – Applications of Integrals.
Chapter 6 – Transcendental Functions.
Chapter 7 – Techniques of Integration.
Chapter 8 – Infitive Series.
Chapter 9 – Conic Sections, Parametrized, Curves, and Polar Coordinates.
Chapter 10 – Vectors and Analytic Geometry in Sace.
Chapter 11 – Vector-Valued Functions and Motion in Space.
Chapter 12 – Multivariable Functions and Partial Derivatives.
Chapter 13 – Multiple Integrals.
Chapter14 – Integration in Vector Fields.


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