Basic Marketing Research: Volumen 1 – Scott M. Smith, Gerald S. Albaum



AutoresScott M. Smith, Gerald S. Albaum  |  Categoría: Marketing y Publicidad  |  Formato: PDF  |  Idioma: Inglés  |  ISBN: 978-0-9849328-1-8  |  Editorial: Qualtrics Labs Inc.  |  Edición: 1ra  |  Año: 2012  |  Páginas: 159

At Qualtrics, we see all types of researchers: from students starting their first studies to elite researchers who have been conducting studies since before Internet surveys were even possible. The goal of this text is to help Qualtrics users improve their understanding of research so they can improve future studies.

This text, along with its companion volumes, is designed to provide an introduction to all things marketing research. This first book in the research series addresses research methods, while the second focuses on analyzing data and interpreting results. Two other volumes are the Qualtrics Guidebook, a users’ guide to Qualtrics and 50 Perfect Surveys, a basic introduction to survey building.


Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Marketing Research.
Chapter 2 – Focusing your Research Design.
Chapter 3 – Secondary Sources of Information.
Chapter 4 – Conducting interviews.
Chapter 5 – Interviewing Modes: personal – call – send.
Chapter 6 – Qualitative Reasearch and observation.
Chapter 7 – Sampling procedures in research.
Chapter 8 – Experimentation.


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